Friday, January 16, 2009


Got myself a netbook, a nice and shiny Acer Aspire One  (also known as "AAO").
Eventualy I'm going to do some modding to it, but for now it will be limited to software.
One thing about it, is that the default setting for Linpus Linus that comes with it, is'nt very tweak friendly.
You got a bunch of icons for some programs, and that's pretty much it.
So the first tweak will be to enable the rest of the OS.

Tweak #1
Enabling the advanced menu
- by pressing ALT+F2 we can bring up the RUN panel, which looks just like the XP one. (infact the whole OS is skinned to look like XP, which makes alot easier for Linux no0bs like myself to work with. =)
- In the run panel, just write "xterm" and click RUN.
   This brings up the terminal for linux, which is just like the command promt in XP
- In the terminal window, write "xfce-setting-show" and press enter.
   this will bring up the GUI settings manager.
- Click on the Desktop icon to bring up the Desktop preferences.
- Under the behaviour tab, check the "show the desktop menu on right click" option.
- Close all the windows.
Now, whenever you click the right mousebutton (or right touchpad thing as the case might be), it will show you a menu, listing all the installed apps you can use. any new apps installed will also show up here.

More to come i'm sure =)

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