Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Got me an new Graphics card to violate, so I figured I'd show everyone. (that being me and my cat, who is easily impressed), what I did to my old card.

The old card was an MSI FX5500 128mb
and it looked somewhat like this.
Except it doesn't have that extra port thingie.

The radiator is shaped like a MSI logo , which was fun to violate, before putting it back into the computer.

Anyhow , I started out a bit easy, by adding a fan to the thing.
The fan was some old crap that used to sit on an 486, got the job done though.

The fan initialy was screwed into place, but fell off after a while. Giving me an excuse for further violation.
A few drops of superglue later it's firmly stuck on top of the MSI logo.

If you look at the first picture, You might notice 2 tiny chips sticking out under the radiator on the right side of it.
That's 2 of the ram chips.
I decided that the RAM too needed a bit of love.
So I got 2 fans that initialy was used to cool the cpu's in laptops.
I love those little thingies.

So anyhow, I used some more superglue and got it firmly stuck in place, covering both chips with one fan.

This is hardly the best way to mount a fan on a chip, but there realy wasn't any other way to do it, other than removing the radiator, and would have left me without something on the GPU.

And another one on the other side of the card for the other 2 Ram chips.

I had to place some tape over a few places to insulate against potential shorts. that's the white corners sticking out under the fans.

It's not pretty, but what the hell, if it works it's good enough for me.
Well until I got me a new card anyhow.

The specs was a whooping 200 mega hurtz for the GPU and some amazing 400 mega hurtz for the ram.
This quickly turned into 300Mhz for the GPU and 500Mhz for the ram.
It did clock higher , but that produced artifacts.

In hindsight , the ram fans was a bit redundant.
I actualy tried to pry them loose, but they are eternaly stuck forever.
which is a bit sad since now I can't use those fans for my new card.
I'd mention what the new card is, but it's just some cheap crap.

Until next time I feel Blaggy, take care.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

A taste of things to come.

What I did to my old Geforce2.

Ok, so I was boored and did'nt feel like playing games with my crappy framerates.
I decided to improve the cooling a bit, in order to clock it up ,, a bit more.

It was actualy given to me by Dmitrij (Thank you =)
, after the fan exploded inside his case,, or something like that.
I replaced the fan and gamed a bit on it.
Eventualy that fan died, choking on dust, and I replaced it again.
that one died, burned to the ground and sunk into the swamp.
So eventualy I decided to go with passive cooling.
I found an old heatsink taken from some old 486 or something, and tied it in place with a piece of white wire.

However, the interesting thing I did to this poor old card is not the heatsink.
But rather the added heatsinks to the rams.
As you might be able to see on the pretty pictures (yeah, right.), I folded strips of Aluminum and glued it onto the ram chips.
thus increasing the surfacearea and improving the cooling of them.

That little trick actualy worked.

Anyhow, it's been a while since i actualy used the card, so I can't remember any details more than that.

Until next time, Clock safely.


This will be a blog about my hardware.
A Blag so to speak , since its basicaly me bragging about stuff.
More to come.