Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gillette Fusion Razor USB

So once again I got bored and decided for some reason that I should Overclock my Gillette Fusion razor.

Let's begin by taking it appart a bit.
Here are some pictures of that process. (taken with my crappy cellphone camera.)

Now then , how to best overclock this rather weak razor.
A quick test with the default battery (1,5V) + an 9V battery worked amazingly well.

Notice how the light for the battery indicator is actualy glowing, something it's never done before.

However, holding a 9V battery like that is a bit cumbersome to shave with. (well, not that it shows well in the picture, but the battery is held at the end to form a circut with the existing battery and the ground.)
So I had to comeup with an better idea.

And what better idea than to connect it to the USB port =)

Here is an USB cable I cut of the end on, freeing the powerleads.

The power leads was connected to the areas circled in red here

And here is the finished result.

One Overclocked USB Gilette Fusion Razor

Does it shave? 
Yes it does. the extra powerful vibrations helps to cuts the hairs rather than pulling on them, making shaving with this thing a much smoother experience. (well appart from having to bring an laptop into the bathroom so you have somewhere to plug it into)

A tip for the experimental ones, If you remove the blade, you can use it to massage tired areas of your body,, or something like that. =)

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