Monday, May 26, 2008

Squeakypedia - BoIP

Squeakypedia - BoIP

BoIP, ( or Bad News Over IP ) is the fastest possible form of communication in the whole universe, Nothing spreads as fast as Bad News.
By carefully modulating data on a Bad News carrier signal, Data can be transmitted virtualy instantly anywhere, at anytime.
Technicaly, any news is bad news to someone else, therefore it is easy to modulate the bad news to reach an intended target.
Some might claim that Rumors is even faster than Bad news, this is technicaly incorrect,
Rumors are inaccurate and tends to 'bloat' as it travels. therefore rumors are not reliable for carrying accurate data.
One advantage of rumors over bad news, is that rumors tends to spread everywhere at aproximately the same speed,
while bad news spreads instantly to whom the news is badest, first. and to whom the news is good, last.
Therefore RoIP (Rumors over IP) is better suitible for widerange broadcasts, for example radio.

Squeakypedia - Blag

Squeakypedia - Blag
Blag is made up of two words, Blog and Brag.
Most Blogs are mostly dedicated to Bragging anyhow,
about what they had for lunch, the new stuff they bought, or what they did last night.
A Blog dedicated to Bragging, is called a Blag.
Not to be confused with Brog. which is a Blag about negative things.
Things like, how much you threw up last night, or what you stepped in.

Squeakypedia - Brog (see Blag)

Introducing - Squeakypedia

Squeakypedia is a collection of various explainations that I made up in the heat of the moment.
Some of them I have been saving in a text file for future reference.
and now...
It is time to share these rather random rambling with the rest of the world. (both of my readers, unless mom forgot to bookmark the site)
More to come...