Saturday, February 16, 2008

Scanner Lamp another update

Found a nice box to put the hardware in .. so I did.

Scanner Lamp update

Since I forgot to take pictures earlier, here are the pictures of the finished mod.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Scanner Lamp

I realized that I had an old paralellport scanner that I can't even use. (except if I run an windows 98 installation, on Virtual PC with special twain drivers installed)
Well , rather than having it collect even more dust than it has already. I took it appart and stripped a few useful parts from it.
The parts are in no particular order...
1 Trafo (that bit black box that goes into the power outlet.)
1 transformer board. (the board that connect to the actual lamp.)
1 connector.
1 power connector. (got a bit lucky there, as the connector could be unscrewed. usualy they are soldered directly onto a board.)
1 Lamp (long white thing at the bottom)
? amount of additional interesting parts, long narrow doublesided mirrors, motors. and stuff,, for a rainyday)

Here's what I did with it all.
First I soldered the connector to the power connector.(after checking quickly which wires to solder with an 9v battery)

The Lamp connects to the board.
The board connects via connector / power connector to the Trafo.
Trafo goes into the wall outlet.
ok,, at this point it did'nt shine, since I soldered the wrong connectors. rather than resoldering the 2 rather easy wires.. i simply reversed the plastic connector on the board. (those white plastic things are only threaded onto the pins sticking up from the board, in this case it worked like a charm)
After that It's a Shiny!!!!
I didn't take any more pictures. because .. well I forgot. and also I'm not done yet.
I'm planning on mounting it in my window to give the poor light depraved plants a bit of Shiny!! in the winter darkness.

Greenhouse update

So far the greenhouse seems to be preforming as intended.
The temperature in the small "tent" is about 10degrees warmer than outside.
Winter so far has been ,, well abscent.
So far we have'nt had any lasting snow at all. except an occational snow fall that melts almost instantly.
Still , it's only halfway through February , so Winter has got about 2 months to make a comeback.
It'll be interesting to see how the tent performs when its under -10 outside.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Greenhouse effect server.

I have a server on my balcony. so I had this idea to use the heat generated by the server for a small greenhouse.
And so , a bunch of tape and plastic and swearing later, I came up with this...
A small tub thing taped to the air exhaust of the server, leads up to a small greenhouse.
So far the results looks promising. But it remains to be seen if it can handle real cold weather.
As I live up in Scandiland, it tends to get quite cold in the winter.
Last year the servers temp sensors stopped working when the temp went under 0 degrees Celsius.