Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gillette Fusion Razor USB

So once again I got bored and decided for some reason that I should Overclock my Gillette Fusion razor.

Let's begin by taking it appart a bit.
Here are some pictures of that process. (taken with my crappy cellphone camera.)

Now then , how to best overclock this rather weak razor.
A quick test with the default battery (1,5V) + an 9V battery worked amazingly well.

Notice how the light for the battery indicator is actualy glowing, something it's never done before.

However, holding a 9V battery like that is a bit cumbersome to shave with. (well, not that it shows well in the picture, but the battery is held at the end to form a circut with the existing battery and the ground.)
So I had to comeup with an better idea.

And what better idea than to connect it to the USB port =)

Here is an USB cable I cut of the end on, freeing the powerleads.

The power leads was connected to the areas circled in red here

And here is the finished result.

One Overclocked USB Gilette Fusion Razor

Does it shave? 
Yes it does. the extra powerful vibrations helps to cuts the hairs rather than pulling on them, making shaving with this thing a much smoother experience. (well appart from having to bring an laptop into the bathroom so you have somewhere to plug it into)

A tip for the experimental ones, If you remove the blade, you can use it to massage tired areas of your body,, or something like that. =)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Squeakypedia - Firewall

Squeakypedia - Firewall
A firewall is designed to protect your computer from harm by acting as an impassable wall.
However it is not the surefire solution everyone thinks it is.
A realy dedicated intruder could simply flood the firewall.
Appart from the obvious fire hazzard these walls constitute, there are also issues of overheating the computer.
Another concern in our era, is the enviromental impact firewalls has, contributing to the greenhouse effect.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Squeakypedia - Caps Lock

Squeakypedia - Caps Lock

The natural state of a Keyboard is in CAPITALS. Why else would the [Caps Lock] be in lowercase, If a Keyboards natural state was in lowercase, the key would say [CAPS LOCK].

Squeakypedia - IKEA Spelling

Squeakypedia - IKEA Spelling

You get all the letters, You piece it together yourself.
Usualy employed on the internet.
IKEA spelling is a method of giving out all the letters in a sentance, but not neccesarily in the correct order,
and sometimes, you might end up with a few extra letters, or with letters in a different place.
This method is sometimes confused with typos, which are just simple mistakes, while IKEA Spelling is intentional.
Example , "Poeple should employ moar IKEA speelling on teh internet"

Monday, May 26, 2008

Squeakypedia - BoIP

Squeakypedia - BoIP

BoIP, ( or Bad News Over IP ) is the fastest possible form of communication in the whole universe, Nothing spreads as fast as Bad News.
By carefully modulating data on a Bad News carrier signal, Data can be transmitted virtualy instantly anywhere, at anytime.
Technicaly, any news is bad news to someone else, therefore it is easy to modulate the bad news to reach an intended target.
Some might claim that Rumors is even faster than Bad news, this is technicaly incorrect,
Rumors are inaccurate and tends to 'bloat' as it travels. therefore rumors are not reliable for carrying accurate data.
One advantage of rumors over bad news, is that rumors tends to spread everywhere at aproximately the same speed,
while bad news spreads instantly to whom the news is badest, first. and to whom the news is good, last.
Therefore RoIP (Rumors over IP) is better suitible for widerange broadcasts, for example radio.

Squeakypedia - Blag

Squeakypedia - Blag
Blag is made up of two words, Blog and Brag.
Most Blogs are mostly dedicated to Bragging anyhow,
about what they had for lunch, the new stuff they bought, or what they did last night.
A Blog dedicated to Bragging, is called a Blag.
Not to be confused with Brog. which is a Blag about negative things.
Things like, how much you threw up last night, or what you stepped in.

Squeakypedia - Brog (see Blag)

Introducing - Squeakypedia

Squeakypedia is a collection of various explainations that I made up in the heat of the moment.
Some of them I have been saving in a text file for future reference.
and now...
It is time to share these rather random rambling with the rest of the world. (both of my readers, unless mom forgot to bookmark the site)
More to come...

Monday, March 10, 2008

bluehouse update

Server had some problems today.
I think one of the rams died.
turned out I had enough ram to replace those old rams with new ones.
Server now has 512Mb ram,, which is not bad for an old p3 500mhz.
So anyhow, while I was at it, I took the chance to install one of those cold cathode lights.
Its a blue one, So I guess my greenhouse is now a bluehouse.
although that picture does look a bit greenish.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Greenhouse update

Minor update on the greenhouse thing.
Bloody hell , its growing.

The plants I used was 3 random plants that had died for the winter.
But I didn't expect them to start growing yet.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Scanner Lamp another update

Found a nice box to put the hardware in .. so I did.

Scanner Lamp update

Since I forgot to take pictures earlier, here are the pictures of the finished mod.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Scanner Lamp

I realized that I had an old paralellport scanner that I can't even use. (except if I run an windows 98 installation, on Virtual PC with special twain drivers installed)
Well , rather than having it collect even more dust than it has already. I took it appart and stripped a few useful parts from it.
The parts are in no particular order...
1 Trafo (that bit black box that goes into the power outlet.)
1 transformer board. (the board that connect to the actual lamp.)
1 connector.
1 power connector. (got a bit lucky there, as the connector could be unscrewed. usualy they are soldered directly onto a board.)
1 Lamp (long white thing at the bottom)
? amount of additional interesting parts, long narrow doublesided mirrors, motors. and stuff,, for a rainyday)

Here's what I did with it all.
First I soldered the connector to the power connector.(after checking quickly which wires to solder with an 9v battery)

The Lamp connects to the board.
The board connects via connector / power connector to the Trafo.
Trafo goes into the wall outlet.
ok,, at this point it did'nt shine, since I soldered the wrong connectors. rather than resoldering the 2 rather easy wires.. i simply reversed the plastic connector on the board. (those white plastic things are only threaded onto the pins sticking up from the board, in this case it worked like a charm)
After that It's a Shiny!!!!
I didn't take any more pictures. because .. well I forgot. and also I'm not done yet.
I'm planning on mounting it in my window to give the poor light depraved plants a bit of Shiny!! in the winter darkness.

Greenhouse update

So far the greenhouse seems to be preforming as intended.
The temperature in the small "tent" is about 10degrees warmer than outside.
Winter so far has been ,, well abscent.
So far we have'nt had any lasting snow at all. except an occational snow fall that melts almost instantly.
Still , it's only halfway through February , so Winter has got about 2 months to make a comeback.
It'll be interesting to see how the tent performs when its under -10 outside.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Greenhouse effect server.

I have a server on my balcony. so I had this idea to use the heat generated by the server for a small greenhouse.
And so , a bunch of tape and plastic and swearing later, I came up with this...
A small tub thing taped to the air exhaust of the server, leads up to a small greenhouse.
So far the results looks promising. But it remains to be seen if it can handle real cold weather.
As I live up in Scandiland, it tends to get quite cold in the winter.
Last year the servers temp sensors stopped working when the temp went under 0 degrees Celsius.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Project Shutterglasses

So I got these LCD shutter glasses from a friend. (thank you friend)
And so I figured there ought to be a way of making them work without getting a whole new , or old , graphics card.
I googled wide and far, and found loads of interesting projects. none of which actualy had any blueprints available.
The sites hosting those have seized to exist.
I wonder whatever happened to all that VMRL stuff that was being developed back in the 99s.
Seems that everyone just forgot about it all.
Anyhow.. on with the project.

In short the technology is incredibly simple.
you need power for the glasses, and one sync signal.
Closer investigations on different projects reveals that the V-sync signal from the Vga port can be used.
I was going rip the graphics card out and solder the needed cables directly onto it, but then I found an old vga patch cable from an old voodoo2 card. (wow, remember those?)
So rather than soldering the card, I'm going to try and patch the patch cable.

I carefully cut a bit of the insulator off in the middle , because I didn't want to cut the whole cable into 2 pieces and mess around soldering 15 leads , when all I need is 3 leads.
Next step is to locate the cables used for the pins I'm after.
Pin 9 (+5v) , Pin 10 (ground) , and Pin 14 (Vertical Sync) (ty wiki)
And so I grabbed my trusty multimeter, only to find it less than trustworthy, infact it was quite dead.
One 9v battery change later I was ready to go.
Only to run into a slight snag, namely, the cables are all still insulated individualy. and I realy dont want to cut any more cables than I need too.
I found an acupunkture needle i quickly patched up to be used with the multimeter.
10 pokes later I found my cables.