Friday, February 15, 2008

Scanner Lamp

I realized that I had an old paralellport scanner that I can't even use. (except if I run an windows 98 installation, on Virtual PC with special twain drivers installed)
Well , rather than having it collect even more dust than it has already. I took it appart and stripped a few useful parts from it.
The parts are in no particular order...
1 Trafo (that bit black box that goes into the power outlet.)
1 transformer board. (the board that connect to the actual lamp.)
1 connector.
1 power connector. (got a bit lucky there, as the connector could be unscrewed. usualy they are soldered directly onto a board.)
1 Lamp (long white thing at the bottom)
? amount of additional interesting parts, long narrow doublesided mirrors, motors. and stuff,, for a rainyday)

Here's what I did with it all.
First I soldered the connector to the power connector.(after checking quickly which wires to solder with an 9v battery)

The Lamp connects to the board.
The board connects via connector / power connector to the Trafo.
Trafo goes into the wall outlet.
ok,, at this point it did'nt shine, since I soldered the wrong connectors. rather than resoldering the 2 rather easy wires.. i simply reversed the plastic connector on the board. (those white plastic things are only threaded onto the pins sticking up from the board, in this case it worked like a charm)
After that It's a Shiny!!!!
I didn't take any more pictures. because .. well I forgot. and also I'm not done yet.
I'm planning on mounting it in my window to give the poor light depraved plants a bit of Shiny!! in the winter darkness.

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