Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Scanny Flatbed ..uh.. PC

Finaly got my mini ITX motherboard
The box measured 22cm,
The motherboard itself is 17x17cm.
The CPU is an Intel Atom 330 which is Dual core and it also got Hyper threading.
In the single DDR slot I will stick an 2GB DDR2 667mhz.

Ok, So having satified my Need of "I Got To Have One of THOSE!!!",
I immediately starting thinking, "Ok, So now what do I do with it?".

Some quick thinking turned up a few ideas, but after searching the web for a bit, I found that the C64 PC had been done, same thing with a Guitar PC.
After some head scratching I found a nice wallclock case, but unfortunately i couldn't locate the actual clock parts for it, so that idea didn't work either.

Eventualy I found this old flatbed scanner, which I had already stripped of parts for the Lamp I made (see my blag history).
The first thing I had to do was to remove one of the spots for the screws to the lid,(see yellow rings) and using that material I made 2 spots for the motherboard to be screwed into.(see red rings)

Next thing to be manhandled was an old PSU I had.
300W is more than enough to power this ITX build.

Ofcourse the PSU was too big to fit, So I had to remove the casing and strip it clean.

After soldering an extension of the power cable (which was extremely short.), I mounted the power cable connectors and power switch to the lid.
This is also where things started to go downhill.
I had told myself that This build isn't gonna be using ANY ducttape at all.. nooo way!
So after taking this picture i realized I had used ducttape to insulate the soldersing of the wire.
Doh!!! ><;

Here is the circutboard mounted in the flatbed case.
Also mounted the HDD which btw is an old PATA 120GB I had.

Mounting the Motherboard.

Ofcourse only After mounting the boards and HDD did I remember that the big fan will need a big hole.
Anyhow, here's the picture of that mess.
After having used ducttape already, I just chucked any aspirations of making a nice and clean build out the window and just repeatedly stabbed the plastic until I got my holes.(with a dremmel tool)

Found an old microswitch and a LED which I glued in place for the power light and to-be power button.

And eventualy everything was installed and connected.

Here is a folded picture of the Sides, Top and bottom of the build.
If you print it out on paper, you could make your very own origami version of this build.
(it would probably even look nicer than my build)

Final shot of everything installed, including the Lid for the scanner.

And here is the obligatory "Yes It's Running" Picture.
(background has been removed to protect the innocent.)
Also I might add that I am using the scanner lid as a mouse mat at the time of that picture, so even that part found a use. =)

I might add here that this build was not realy meant to be a serious attempt, more of an warming-up until I can find something nicer to place this in.
But in the end it turned out pretty good after all.

I'm thinking of adding lights inside the case and placing a poster on the glass, and hangit on the wall. but that's for next time.
until then. Have fun!

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