Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Which hardware is the best?

"It's not about the Hardware anymore, It's all about the Software."
Robin Andersson

One of the things that never changes in this fast paced modern IT world that we now life in, is that people will always argue that "their" system is much better than "Their" system.
We all grew up listening and taking part in the arguments why the C64 was better than the Sinclair, or why Amiga was better than Atari. and still today we listen to, and take part in arguments why Computers are better than consoles, or why Mac is better than PC.
Back in those days, performance was dictated by the hardware the software ran on.
But the truth is, that today any hardware has the capability to run anything any other piece of hardware can do.
Linux gurus keep topping themselfes and amaze the world by installing Linux cores on pretty much any hardware they can get their hands on, be it PC, Mac, Consoles, Mobile phones or pocket calculators.
Even Apple these days runs on the exact same hardware as Windows machines does.
Any new programmable machine released this side of the millennia, has within months of its release been running Linux, and atleast 3 different Emulators on it.

Truth is, The Hardware is irrelevant these days. What is now important is, "Does it have 'this' software I want?", and even that is no longer an issue as software is being ported freely from any platform to any other platform, if not by software studios, then by open source communitys.
Platforms and Formats are becomming a fashion statements, rather than being a piece of hardware that let's you do "This".
The younger generations has grown up being used to the idea that anything can be transfered to a different format or platform.
Something to think about next time you see Microsoft or Apple releasing one of their chilidish, sandbox argument adds.

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